End-to-end testing mail course

End-to-end testing mail course

Some time ago I noticed some interesting fact. Developing application in the real world doesn’t mean just writing code. Definitely not in modern development. Before we start coding, we have to know what we want to create and how it should look like. Moreover, after the writing code, we ensure that it works fine. It doesn’t have bugs, it can handle the incoming traffic, and so on … After creating the project we have plenty of work to do. When we realize it, we can discover that there exist some factors which may decide on your project long term success. Some of the are listed below:

  • testing (to ensure quality)
  • logging (to monitor bugs easily)
  • automatic deployment (to fix bugs quickly)

That’s why I though that it is important to know how to apply these factors to your project. The first subject is testing. Generally, testing is a very wide topic and we could discuss it for a long time. However, it exists one test type, which is quite easy and fast to create but it can give you many benefits.

This is an end-to-end testing. We can create is using the Selenium WebDriver tool in .NET environment. This is very easy to learn and it has many capabilities. That’s why I decide to create an email course to learn, how to utilize their potential.


This is a 7 weeks course. It starts 15th February. If you are interested in writing end-to-end tests, you can sing into it on above form. You will get one lesson every week on Thursday. Every lesson is designed to teach you a particular skill. It also provides an exercise to train your new gained knowledge.

It will consist of following subjects:

  1. Testing static pages
  2. Making actions on page
  3. Checking advanced page elements properties
  4. Page Objects pattern
  5. Making advanced actions
  6. Testing mobile friendly pages
  7. Waiting for actions